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It turns out Jews are as stupid as everyone else

Philip Weiss on

At the 92d Street Y, David Makovsky says SJP has its roots in Hamas and JVP doesn’t work with SJP, and other falsehoods about the Palestinian solidarity movement; and the pity is that his opponents are never invited to rebut him. The Jewish community used to be smart. Now Zionism dumbs down everything it touches.

Jared Kushner fired me over Israel ten years ago

Philip Weiss on

Donald Trump has now named his son-in-law Jared Kushner as a senior adviser, notably on Middle East and Israel issues. Ten years ago, Kushner fired Philip Weiss from the New York Observer after Weiss started reporting on the Israeli occupation. Weiss reflects on his experience with Kushner and what it could mean for his upcoming White House role.

Booker slams UN resolution as ‘anti-Israel,’ while Saban says it’s anti-American

Philip Weiss on

Senator Cory Booker and Democratic megadonor Haim Saban may have a marriage made in 2020: Both have slammed President Obama’s decision to allow a UN Security Council resolution against settlements. Booker calls it anti-Israel and joins 11 other Democrats in sponsoring a resolution hammering the UN vote, while Israeli-American Saban says it’s against the “national interest.”

In ‘breathtaking’ UN vote, Obama changed his policy on Israeli settlements, making them a war crime — Finkelstein

Philip Weiss on

Norman Finkelstein says the UN resolution against settlements was very strong, making them a war crime, and Obama allowed it to pass, in a major shift from his previous stance, because he wanted a legacy on Israel/Palestine and wanted to turn the tables on Netanyahu. Now the question is what Palestinians will do to enforce the latest in a long line of historical documents damming the settlements.

Democratic politicians want no part of Obama’s courage at the U.N.

Philip Weiss on

Only four congressional Democrats have been outspoken in support of Obama’s decision to allow a resolution critical of Israeli settlements to pass the UN Security Council, Senators Dianne Feinstein and Patrick Leahy, Kentucky Rep John Yarmuth and Illinois Rep Jan Schakowsky. Meanwhile there has been a chorus of denunciation from the likes of even good liberals like Jerrold Nadler, Richard Blumenthal, Hakeem Jeffries, Adam Schiff, Sherrod Brown, and Ron Wyden.

Netanyahu’s holy war, and the coming Jewish schism

Yakov Hirsch on

Netanyahu’s most impressive achievement is that he has associated his politics and even himself personally with sacred Jewish history and its hallowed lessons. That is why Jimmy Carter and now John Kerry must be vilified for pointing out the apartheid treatment of Palestinians. Netanyahu’s sacred construction is about to crash to the ground. Jeffrey Goldberg has already jumped ship.

Hate speech and hypocrisy: Some Jews will swallow anything, if it comes from Donald Trump

Michael Lesher on

An unnerving bunch, these Jewish public moralizers. Just when you think you’ve got their propaganda down pat, along comes a shift in U.S. power and they turn the whole game upside down. Remember when it was bad form to analogize Israel’s army of occupation to the Nazis? Well, that was then. Today it’s David Friedman, Donald Trump’s pick for US ambassador to Israel, who publicly accuses the liberal-Zionist Jews of J Street of being even worse “than kapos – Jews who turned in their fellow Jews in the Nazi death camps.”

Why Obama waited 8 years to take on Netanyahu

Philip Weiss on

John Kerry’s closing act as secretary of state is a 72-minute speech devoted to a problem, Israeli settlements, that was removed from the Democratic Party platform just five months before. The bitter failure of the Obama administration to take on Netanyahu untill the last minute is proof of the power of the Israel lobby inside American liberalism. The Democratic Party will support justice in the Middle East only if it takes on the forces of intolerance in its own ranks. That means the Israel lobby. You can’t defeat an enemy if you can’t name it.

Israeli hysteria over UN vote is solidifying country’s new status, as a rogue state

Philip Weiss on

President Obama’s decision to allow passage of a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements as illegal has done more to change the shape of the conflict than any other action in the last ten years, even than Israel’s massacres in Gaza. Israel supporters always said that the country would not move toward peace if the U.S. was tough on it. But the UN Security Council resolution against settlements shows the opposite to be true: a little distance is already causing huge positive developments, isolating the country in world opinion and licensing criticism of PM Netanyahu. Obama has nudged Israel, and the media, toward recognition of the country’s new status, as a rogue state.

One-state solution gets fairer shake in a NY synagogue than it gets in NY Times or MSNBC

Philip Weiss on

Judah Ari Gross of the Times of Israel offers unflinching description of “ugly” Israeli occupation at a NY synagogue: Israeli police who deal with settler crimes are “terrible,” Israeli soldiers come out of service “crazy.” And it’s perfectly reasonable to discuss a one-state solution with equal rights for everyone, “call it a day and what will be will be.”

Desperate Netanyahu lectures Obama about US responsibility to veto UN resolution

Phil Weiss and Annie Robbins on

When it learned President Obama intended to allow a UN Security Council resolution condemning settlements to go through yesterday, Israel called on Donald Trump to intervene, and he called Egyptian president al-Sisi, and Egypt withdrew the resolution. And you thought we had one president at a time!

Adelson and Saban were kingmakers, now they’re beggars

Philip Weiss on

Kingmakers Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban are suddenly reduced to begging for crumbs from their respective political parties. This is the message of John Bolton’s failed candidacy for the State Department, Keith Ellison’s survival as frontrunner for the Democratic Party chair, and Trump’s elevation of extremist David Friedman as his ambassador to Israel. These are all signs of the new nationalism we are going to be seeing in the Trump administration: Jews can have Israel and Palestine, but America is for Americans.

Trump has a ‘magic moment’ in June 2017 to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Israel lobbyist tells NY synagogue

Philip Weiss on

Speaking to an audience at Central Synagogue in New York City, David Makovsky of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy says BDS is a threat because there are a rising number of minority students on US campuses who think Israel stole the land from Palestinians, and if anti-Semitism worsens, American Jews will expect Benjamin Netanyahu as “the leader of all Jews” to speak out against it in the U.S.

Adelson delivered! Now it’s Trump’s turn

Philip Weiss on

However dubious big Republican supporters of Israel felt about Donald Trump, in the last weeks of the election campaign many of them gave a lot of money to the Republican Party; and Sheldon Adelson and his wife gave $10 million to a pro-Trump PAC