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In full page NYT ad, liberal Zionist group calls for ethnic segregation to retain Jewish majority within Israel

Wilson Dizard on
Part of an advertisement an Israel lobby group ran in the New York Times on Friday.

The Daniel S. Abraham Center for Peace, a prominent liberal Zionist lobbying group run by former Democratic Florida congressman Robert Wexler, purchased a full-page newspaper advertisement in Friday’s edition of the New York Times, calling for the immediate separation of Israelis and Palestinians into separate countries to keep Israel as a Jewish majority state. “It’s Time for Separation,” the advertisement explains. “Separation today means a Jewish majority, State of Israel now and for Generations ahead.” Or, as Alabama Gov. George Wallace put it: “Segregation now! Segregation tomorrow! Segregation forever!”

Powell emails expose depth of media self-censorship re Israeli nukes

Philip Weiss on
Man about town Jeffrey T. Leeds, from youtube

Colin Powell privately said that Israel’s 200 nukes are the strongest argument in favor of the Iran deal, but when he went on Meet the Press, he didn’t say a word about it. And neither did Obama or the MSM. This self-censorship reflects obeisance to the Israel lobby.

Trump could be bumpy for Jews

Abba Solomon on
Donald Trump at the Republican Jewish Coalition, iconic photograph by Mark Peterson

Antisemitism echoed by Trump supporters is felt as a threat by Jews. We have been able to make a life in the United States, with no limits except those internalized, but reawakened Christian hostility has always been a consideration. Israelis are more used to racism.

Netanyahu’s ghost on ‘ethnic cleansing’ video is rightwing pollster Luntz

Phil Weiss and Yakov Hirsch on
Frank Luntz

An immoral Orwellian video whose goal was to defend the indefensible, Netanyahu’s “ethnic cleansing” video was drawn in part from the words of his American rightwing glimmer twin, Republican pollster Frank Luntz, who is dedicated to committing American Jews to Israel’s defense.

Tim Canova calls Debbie Wasserman Shultz ‘corporate stooge’ after primary loss. But they still agree on Israel.

Wilson Dizard on
Screenshot from televised debate between Tim Canova and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. (Image: CBSMiami)

Incumbent Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz defeated challenger Tim Canova, a law professor, in a primary election this Tuesday, disappointing some Berniecrat-boosting voters who want to see the Vermont senator’s policies on Capitol Hill. Despite Canova’s outsider status, the race showed how Israel/Palestine is sacred political territory for all Democrats.

Liel Leibovitz wants to excommunicate most American Jews, beginning with Beinart

Roland Nikles on
Liel Leibovitz

Most American Jews believe their faith is cultural, including dedication to social justice. But the fundamentalist Liel Leibovitz in a sneering, nasty article says these Jews ignore “the historical and doctrinal truth” that they became Jews by accepting the “burden of becoming God’s chosen children.”

Many Clinton Foundation donors oppose BDS– and so does Clinton

Philip Weiss on
Saban and Clinton, on an earlier occasion

Hillary Clinton has become a zealot against BDS in the last year, evidently in part because many large donors to the Clinton Foundation oppose BDS. These supporters suggest the new lineaments of the Israel lobby under Clinton, in which liberal Zionists and rightwing Zionists are merged.

Let’s talk about Russian influence

Philip Weiss on
Neera Tanden and Netanyahu at Center for American Progress

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager says the “hand of the Kremlin” has been working in US elections, but no one talks about the hand of Israel, which is on everything from pushing the Iraq war to censoring any reference to the “occupation” in the Democratic Party platform. The system is rigged by the Israel lobby, and everyone knows it, even if they can’t talk about it.

The politics of Jewish ethnocentrism

Yakov Hirsch on
Bret Stephens (Photo: Jason Smith)

How can Bret Stephens, who is so sensitive to any slight he perceives against Jews, use the phrase “disease of the Arab mind” when writing about an Egyptian Olympian, and hundreds of millions of other people, in the Wall Street Journal no less? The answer is that a group of ethnocentric spokesmen for the Jewish people, including Jeffrey Goldberg and Benjamin Netanyahu, exercise an Orwellian influence over what can and cannot be said out loud.

‘The Forward’ fails to find source of anti-semitism hoax that its reporter concocted (Updated)

Phan Nguyen on
"Pro-Palestinian Student Group Accused of Compiling List of Jewish Student Dorm Addresses"

The Jewish Daily Forward’s Laura E. Adkins reported Israeli Knesset Member Anat Berko as saying that Students for Justice in Palestine is “collecting information on where Jews live at New York University among others.” What Adkins fails to mention is that Berko’s claim likely originated from a hoax conceived by Adkins herself when she was a student at NYU.

Beinart calls anti-Zionists ‘revolutionaries’

Philip Weiss on
Journalist and author Peter Beinart. (Photo: Center for American Progress/Flickr)

Peter Beinart wrote a column for Haaretz last week in which he characterized anti-Zionists, along with the Black Lives Matter movement, as revolutionaries, warning that anti-Zionists want to upend the Israeli system. This is an important assertion, and needs to be addressed. Equal rights, and not Zionism, is the only sane political future in the 21st century. Changing the American Jewish mind is the most important step toward accomplishing this revolution bloodlessly.

White Jews and uppity blacks

Abba Solomon on
Keith P. Feldman's book, A Shadow Over Palestine

U.S. Jewish support for the civil rights struggle has sometimes been patronizing to blacks; and the growing identification of Jews with a state perceived as colonial and racist, Israel, has often strained the bonds of the relationship, as exemplified by the anger over the Black Lives Matter platform’s support for the Palestinian struggle.

Hundreds of Jews march for ‘Black Lives Matter’ in New York

Wilson Dizard on
Julia Carmel, back to police, is arrested ahead of April Baskin, in white top, and Jason Salmon, in white tshirt. Photo by Wilson Dizard

Led by Jews of color and their allies, and by the organization Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, nearly 300 marchers calling for greater police accountability wound their way through downtown New York on Thursday night, ending in the arrest of seven activists for civil disobedience.