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Hagel , Durbin Et Al Should Apply ‘Political’ Theory of Iraq Violence to Israel/Palestine

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I’ve noticed some antiwar politicians describing the terrorism in Iraq as “political” in character. Chuck Hagel has said this. So has Dick Durbin. This is important: they are saying that the terrorism is not based on fanaticism but on feelings of disfranchisement surrounding the emerging Iraqi polity (whatever that is). This idea places them in the Robert Pape camp (the UChicago prof’s landmark book is Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide) whose analysis of suicide bombers shows that they are motivated not by religion but by military occupations. And of course it puts them against all the people talking about Islamo-fascists.

It’s time to apply the same thinking to the violence in Israel/Palestine, which has grown out of territorial disputes and political rights for more than 80 years now…

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