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Will Joe Biden (and Dems) Apply Iraq Terrorism Lesson to Palestine?

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Sen. Joe Biden’s refrain these days is that the violence in Iraq requires a "political solution." I.e., it’s not religious fanaticism, it’s not Islamofascism, it’s not a clash of civilizations, it’s not a war on terror; suicide bombers are motivated by disputes over power-sharing and territory.

Many Democrats are echoing this theme. Chuck Hagel, too, I believe. Will these politicians apply that lesson to Israel/Palestine? Ever since 9/11, the right in Israel has rejoiced that the U.S. has joined their battle–we are in the same boat as the Israelis. It is time to apply our experience of Iraq to their miserable situation in Israel/Palestine, and conclude that the violence there is not the result of antisemitism or a war of east vs. west, or primitive Arabs vs. modern Israelis, but the result of territorial dispute–occupation. 

Philip Weiss

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