I Know Why Bill Clinton Is So Angry and Bitter

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Yesterday Bill Clinton smeared Obama by saying it would be great to have a general election between two people who love their country and are devoted to its interests, Hillary and McCain. Clinton is acting like Joe McCarthy, says a retired general who works for Obama. And just wait, if Hillary is the nominee, Clinton will turn on McCain quicker than a duck on a junebug.

If you disliked Clinton as much as I did in his second term, it’s gratifying to see the new-old Bill Clinton; it’s revising his image for the American people. Now a lot of people are seeing his vicious side.

But I don’t think Bill Clinton was this mean in the old days, and it makes me wonder. He seems desperate to get back into the White House. He seems desperate about his legacy. I think the emotional bottom line for Clinton is that he is angry and bitter about Impeachment, regards it as a piece of partisan and unfair damage to his otherwise-sparkling record. He hates the giant asterisk hanging over him forever, he hates all the people like me who played the fiddle while Washington was burning in ’99.  And he thinks that if Hillary gets in, he will get to have a third and fourth term. That way he can do even more great works, and push Impeachment down to the second paragraph of his obituary. Getting Impeachment into the second paragraph; that’s his motivation. And he sees his opportunity slipping away.

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