What Is Elliott Abrams’s Interest in the Two-State Solution?

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Last night I went to a Brit Tzedek event–two-state solution progressive Zionists–at an Upper West Side synagogue. More to say later, I’m traveling, but I wanted to note one statement that was made.

A guest speaker, Gershon Baskin, an Israeli leader of IPCRI, a joint Israeli/Palestinian thinktank, said that he had lately tried to help broker terms for a Hamas ceasefire with his Hamas connections, and then had sent off an email to Elliott Abrams, the neoconservative who as a National Security Council official plays a large role in Bush Administration Middle East policy. "Elliott always responds to our emails, he engages us in discussion," Baskin said. "He’s a very important player." In this instance, Abrams responded with "nasty comments."

I’ve blogged alot about the mind of Abrams, the son-in-law of motheaten lion Norman Podhoretz, because he has been a Jewish nationalist/separatist, saying in his 1997 book Faith or Fear that Jews must stand apart from their society in every country except Israel. Brit Tzedek is now urgent about pushing Americans towards a two-state solution. Well if the two-state solution fails this year, Baskin says, Netanyahu will come in as Israeli P.M. and Hamas and chaos will reign in the Occupied Territories. Abrams has often been associated with the Netanyahu/Likud/Commentary Magazine bloc in American public life. I wonder what his goals are now, what he’s thinking? Does he urgently seek a two-state solution? Does he secretly hope for failure in the peace process so that Israel will be the right wing fantasy of Eretz Israel, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan?

Or has he, like Olmert, collapsed into acceptance of the two-state solution? I wonder what he’s thinking, and why the MSM have not sought him out.

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