Hebron, Hebron

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In the comments to my recent post on Antisemites being on my side of these issues, Richard Witty said that I had failed to demonstrate journalistic "due diligence" and had indulged in a "prejudicial  journalistic exercise" in reporting from Hebron after a tour there with Breaking the Silence and not getting the other side of the story.

Richard–what's the other side of the story? I invite you to defend the behavior of the landgrabbing racist religious neocolonialists I observed on that trip.

Another gripe. Noah Pollak says that he didn't accuse Philip Giraldi of being an antisemite, just established evidence that Giraldi is unreliable. Noah, I think this is irresponsible of you. Whether or not it was your central point, I don't care; your piece was arguing implicitly that Giraldi is antisemitic. Own your implications.

Great comments. I have lots more to say. Just this for now, which I ought to repeat and repeat and repeat unto the horizon: Israel Shahak writes in Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years, that the righteous business of hunting antisemitism is outweighed now by the task of interrogating Jewish and Zionist belief systems for strains of exclusivism and chauvinism. That's where I am. Richard says I blame the Jews for everything. No: I am interrogating my traditions. I'm a proud Jew. There are tons of us. But we are microscoping the exclusivism and chauvinism in light of the 60 years of expansionism and Arab-are-not-people ideology that has licensed…


That word again.

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