Justice for Larry Franklin

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Bruce Wolman writes:

An American gentile, Larry Franklin, goes to prison. But, according to Haaretz, his Israeli intelligence counter-party in crime (Uzi Arad, security aide to Netanyahu) will get a visa so as to visit the Obama administration.

If this is how the US government sees it, then Larry Franklin should get a pardon.

I asked Wolman (who is Jewish) why he brought in the religious angle. He had a good answer:

It is ironic and very strange, but also symbolic of the entire situation that a decent, well-meaning, ex-military civil servant (even if I disagree with his viewpoint), who happens to be gentile, is sent to prison for 13 years and sees his career and family ruined, while his two Jewish American alleged co-conspirators still await trial three years later (and does anyone expect them to see prison time?), and that an Israeli agent wanted for questioning in the case is given a visa to the United States to consult with the Obama administration even though he had previously been denied a visa for spying or assisting in spying.

That's the religious angle. It doesn't have anything to do with me.

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