Jim Crow Israel: National railroad fires 40 Palestinian workers

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Where do you get this kind of stuff? Oh, I get it in Haaretz— and my friend Zellnik passes it to me. The noblest newspaper in the world struggles against Jim Crow while the New York Times is silent. Haaretz reports, The national railroads' employment policy says: No Arabs in lookout positions, to prevent train accidents. 

Abdel Karim Kadi, 28, from Kalansua, told Haaretz on
Sunday: "We work with safety, not security. We prevent accidents and we
do it for low pay. Most of the workers are Arabs, and now even an Arab
who has done national service isn't good enough for them. We could be
police officers or pharmacists, but not train monitors?"
The workers earn NIS 24 an hour, slightly above minimum wage. Since
the story broke, they have allegedly been threatened not to speak to
the media.

Tell me: What is this Zionism? And how did it capture the Jews?

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