‘Spengler’ unwittingly outs himself as David P. Goldman

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A few months back, my friend Mark and I exposed the pseudonymous conservative columnist Spengler as the nom-de-plume of a LaRouchie-cum-neocon musician/trader named David P. Goldman. We decided to unmask him because author investigations are fun, and also because Spengler was saying things like More Arabs have to die, more Arabs need to be put behind barbed-wire; and I like people to know who's pushing such repulsive ideas.  
Smoking gun time.
Yesterday Goldman self-identified as Spengler. Mark sent me the following link to a smart article by Goldman (he's smart about economics). First click on the main link, "First Things…" The byline is David Goldman. And then click on the "Cached" button. When you click on "Cached," the byline is Spengler.

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