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It’s a children’s crusade (against Obama)

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"Closed military zone" that includes outpost (photo: Joseph Dana)

From Haaretz:

Some 200 people, mostly children, arrived near the West Bank town of Tul Karm on Monday to establish a new illegal outpost. The Israel Defense Forces did not stop them or interfere.

The outpost, Tzur Ya, is one of 11 set up Monday and the day before by the militant Youth for Israel movement.

Read the piece to get at the strange dreamy zealotry of the children, mixing bible, radicalism and naivete. This rightwing site has video, and says:

Government forces were busy late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, as they demolished three of the 11 newly-built outposts established earlier in the week by the Youth for Israel movement…

Here is Joseph Dana’s report from Hilltop 26, apparently one of the outposts a few months back. Dana writes:

The official name given to the area by the Israeli government is "hilltop 18" and "hilltop 26". When the settlers began to build their outpost they choose the name Mitzpeh Avichai after a Kiryat Arba resident "Avichai" who was murdered a number of years ago.  

Ynet was the first to begin using the settler name in their reports about three months ago and it caught on.  

I have attached a photo of a recent ‘closed military zone’ order used to remove us (Ta’ayush) from the outpost. It is a map of the area (by law the orders must include a map) that is clearly marked "hilltop 18 and Hilltop 26"   

This type of thing happens often.

Here’s Dana’s video of a child settler attempting arson against the Ta’ayush activists:

(Thanks to Ira Glunts.)

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