Anti-Semites, go away

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My post likening Israeli racists to the anti-mongrelization of the white race crew back in the Old South got a lot of comment yesterday, including anti-semitic comments. Chris Moore showed up, who runs, also someone quoting Kevin MacDonald. I know, I’ve quoted MacDonald myself, still, he chills me, I think he dislikes Jews. I zapped the Chris Moore comment for the same reason, I don’t think he has anything nice to say about my original community; I don’t want him offering his opinion of Jews on my site, he’s got his own, and I zapped the Kevin MacDonald citation because I feel like it. I don’t like the tone. I criticize Jews and Israel all the time, from a universalist perspective: that we too are part of the human condition and that if the pathologies I find so important are in this time and place peculiar, they are not racial or irremediable. So that’s my mood. I don’t like the spirit of those comments, and I’m trying to improve the site.

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