‘Daily Show’ heckler a sign that some are afraid of change. Tell Jon Stewart you’re not.

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Anna Baltzer tells me that The Daily Show’s staff said last night’s heckler was their first in 11 years on the air. Wow. I thought Dr. Barghouti’s response to the interruption was brilliant:

This severe reaction sometime reflects certain nervousness on the side of people who are afraid of change. And the change is happening, the change is coming. Palestinians like everybody else are entitled to the same freedom that Jewish people should have. That’s what we are calling for – equal rights.

We’re also hearing that The Daily Show is getting slammed by angry responses to the show. Please write them and thank them for bringing on such important voices, and encourage them to feature more!

Update: The Daily Show has just contacted us to ask us to take down their phone number. They say they’ve received over 200 phone calls today and really appreciate all the positive feedback. Unfortunately they need to keep the phone lines open as they prepare for tonight’s shoot. They recommend that people who still want to contact them write to:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
604 W 52nd St
New York, NY 10019

The person who contacted me really did want to thank everyone for your support of the show. Please do honor their request and do keep letting the show know how much we appreciated this important broadcast!

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