More on the anti-Semitism charge

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Chris Moore is angry that I "tarred" him with the anti-Semite label in a post I did last week. He’s responded on his site the charmingly-titled– here and has challenged me to publish the post. I won’t, but you can go look at it.

The first thing about antisemitism, from my standpoint, is that there’s an emotionnal/gut element to it. Like Potter Stewart said about pornography, I know it when I see it. No, that’s not very logical, is it? (Especially now when anti-Semitism is being reexamined by the likes of Lindemann, and myself too, as a reaction to the modern Jewish rise.) But the tone of Chris Moore’s stuff sure feels anti-Semitic. His latest post is all about victims of the "murderous Jewish" contribution to communism. This isn’t clear thinking. A lot of western Jews opposed Communism. Herzl did. Yes, Jews played an important role in Communism, as they did in so many intellectual movements. But was Communism Jewish the way that neoconservatism has been correctly labelled Jewish (by among others Jacob Heilbrunn, Adam Garfinkle, Benjamin Ginsberg and Murray Friedman)? No.

In Moore’s response to me, I note that he says that "left-leaning Jewish Zionists… comprise 20% of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate even though Jews are under 2% of all U.S. citizens." This is foolish thinking. To say that all ten Democratic Jewish Senators are Zionists is foolish. It is failing to "differentiate the other," as the writer Maud Lavin once said to me when she busted me for sexism. Does Russ Feingold or Carl Levin either identify as a Zionist or adhere to Zionism? I don’t know. I would like to ask them, yes; because Zionism has to a horrifying degree captured American Jewish identity formation. Tragic. But to state that all Jews are Zionist, and Zionism is evil (as I’m sure Moore believes) is not at all helpful. Do those Senate Jews vote on behalf of Israel? I bet they do, but so do a lot of other Senators, who may or may not be Zionist. What about Joe Biden, he’s a Christian and says he’s a Zionist.The singling out of Jews as the fly in the ointment, I find that bigoted.

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