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CNN asks – Could ‘one state’ equal peace?

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Ali Abunimah responds:

"It is encouraging to see CNN address this issue and take it seriously. Of course such a short report cannot really get below the surface but it put one state on the agenda as something to talk about. In the report, Omar Barghouti was putting forward new ideas — which perhaps viewers would never have heard articulated clearly and seriously. Then there was Danny Ayalon, a member of Avigdor Lieberman’s racist Yisrael Beitenu putting forward the same old defensive arguments for something called a "Jewish democratic state" something all experience tells us is an oxymoron and an impossibility. So the report reflects the current state of play: Israel still has enormous power just through inertia, but in the field of ideas it is on the defensive and has nothing convincing to offer. The one state solution can no longer simply be ridiculed and dismissed. We still have a long way to go, but its a great place to be for now and it is something to build on."

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