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‘Dershowitz is outraged by deportation of Harvard Law Student and says…’

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That headline is a fantasy. I’m sorry. Sometimes you have to do that kind of thing to get attention. Dershowitz has apparently said nothing about the deportation of Hebah Ismail, a third year Harvard Law Student, after her computer was searched and an article found describing Palestinian dispossession by the state of Israel.

Here’s the good news: Harvard Law School administrators are looking into responding officially to Ismail’s deportation. She went there on a school project.

Tyler R. Giannini, the clinical director of the Law School’s Human Rights Program, wrote in an e-mailed statement that the clinic is “considering the most appropriate response in light of the circumstances and the best interests of Hebah [Ismail] and our future students.”

[Instructor Ahmad] Amara hopes that HLS Dean Martha L. Minow will write a letter to the Israeli consulate to protest the “discrimination, humiliation, and mistreatment of [Ismail],” he said.

Don’t count on it. Minow co-wrote (with an Israeli) an article a couple years ago lauding Israel’s imprisonment policies. Further evidence of the complete absorption of Zionist thought into American establishment life.

Also, maybe Dershowitz will say something. He says that he criticizes Israel all the time, he said that once.

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