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Hoenlein: campus climate is ‘deteriorating’

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Here’s a new video called "Crossing the line, the new intifada comes to campus" that equates the campus movement of criticizing Israeli behavior with anti-Semitism. It was sent out by the Forward today, as an advertisement. Zionists in the bunker; Hannah Schwarzschild writes, "They clearly think their backs are against the ropes.  And the logical leaps in here are just delicious…" Random notes:

"But there is one issue that seems to evoke more passion and hostility than any other [than Tibet or Darfur]."

The situation on campus is a "deteriorating one," Malcolm Hoenlein of the Conference of Presidents admits

"I happen to like Natan Sharansky’s definition of when it becomes anti-Semitism," says a woman from Stand With Us. Three d’s: Delegitimize the country, double standard about that country, demonize the country.

"The thin red line is when you start to question Israel’s existence." –says a hasbara fellow on campus. 

"Jewish students see these things and say where am I?… Is this 1939 and Germany?" says another Israel lobbyist student.

Another student seems to deny that hundreds of civilians were killed in Gaza.

The David Project, hasbara fellows, Malcolm Hoenlein, and Stand With Us. Not very persuasive company for young idealistic people…

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