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‘J Street’ attacks ‘character assassination’ of Goldstone

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From Haaretz:

[J Street’s Jeremy] Ben-Ami says it’s the same thing regarding the Goldstone report on Israel’s Gaza offensive a year ago. "We are not going to endorse or support a report," he says. "The Goldstone report is an indictment and it needs to be investigated. That’s what we are urging Israel to do.

"But we are not going to engage in a personal character assassination of Judge Goldstone, who is an honorable man."

According to Ben-Ami, "the long-established American Jewish organizations don’t understand that they haven’t been speaking for a very large number of Jewish Americans, and if they don’t open up the doors for us in their organizations we are going to form our own organizations.

"Their solution is to force young people to hold their views and if they don’t, then they are not welcome on campus and in their organizations. My view is – let them in."

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