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Netanyahu to Diaspora: You’re chopped liver

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Netanyahu speaks to the Herzliya Conference in Jerusalem (Thanks to Ben White):

You are dealing with our people’s fate because it is clear today that the fate of the Jewish people is the fate of the Jewish state.  There is no demographic or practical existence for the Jewish people without a Jewish state.  This doesn’t mean that the Jewish state does not face tremendous challenges, but our existence, our future, is here.  The greatest change that came with the establishment of the Jewish state was that Jews became more than just a collection of individuals, communities and fragments of communities.  They became a sovereign collective in their own territory.  Our ability as a collective to determine our own destiny is what grants us the tools to shape our future – no longer as a ruled people, defeated and persecuted, but as a proud people with a magnificent country and one which always aspires to serve as “a light unto the nations.”

In order to continue ruling our own destiny, we must establish our collective ability in three main fields – in security, the economy and education.  I do not intend to expand on the security field today, other than to say that we must continue nurturing and strengthening our military force.  The weak do not survive in the geographically difficult space we live in, nor is peace made with the weak.

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