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Today in Haaretz: "[Elie] Wiesel blasted Judge Richard Goldstone, saying his report on the Israeli offensive in Gaza was ‘a crime against the Jewish people.’"

A few days ago in Haaretz: "Professor Alan Dershowitz slammed jurist Richard Goldstone, the architect of a UN report which accuses Israel of Gaza war crimes, saying he is a traitor to the Jewish people, Army Radio reported Sunday."

Here is where we stand today:

Im Tirtzu, a right-wing on-campus Zionist advocacy group, supported among others by the Reverend John Hagee, claimed in Maariv last week that "92 percent of [the] negative references to the IDF in the Goldstone report originating with Israeli sources came from organizations sponsored by NIF [New Israeli Fund]. The fund’s grantees include Adalah, Breaking the Silence, B’Tselem, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, Yesh Din and the Israeli branch of Physicians for Human Rights."

Hence, according to Weisel, who the Norwegian Nobel Committee called a "messenger to mankind" when awarding him the Peace Prize in 1986 for his Holocaust writings,and Im Tirtzu, a panoply of Israeli human rights organizations have been the source for "a crime against the Jewish people." Are we to conclude that all of the above mentioned Israeli human rights organizations are anti-Semitic? Human Rights organizations, including Israeli ones, are now the criminals, whereas the IDF and the Jewish people are the victims. So speaketh Elie Wiesel, with more to follow surely.

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