‘US Jews are tired of Israel and have no interest in racist settlers’

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Haaretz has a piece saying that Israel can’t afford to reject J Street. There were quite a few comments hostile to J Street, but I found this one interesting from an Israeli in the US:

Title: Clueless Israelis

Name: Shoded Yam

City: Los Angeles State: CA

If the hysteric spasms of fear from the above commenters are any indication, I would say Israeli`s are beginning to gain an understanding of the portent of J-Street and the current nature of their relationship with American Jews. Contrary to such self serving assertions as; "…that probably includes a majority of ethnic Jews, but a very small minority of affiliated Jews…." The reality is quite the bucket of cold water. J-Street is not a "Pro-Israel" lobby per se. It is a Pro-Secular-American-Jewish lobby that actually represents the majority opinion amongst American Jewry. As such, its main goal is to affect change in Israel in such a way as to finally allow American Jews go home, go to bed, and finally be Americans, without the hyphen. They`re tired of you. They have no interest in "Greater Israel", settlements, or kool-aide drinking, racist, settlers. They`re tired of Israelis who compete with them for jobs in the US and elsewhere. Your hubris and arrogance is your folly.

This one was more typical, from a settler in the West Bank:

Title: Boycotting Traitors Makes a Lot of Sense

Name: Ruvy

City: Gush Shilo

Boycotting the Soros supported, Arab supported useful idiots of the anti-Israel and self hating Jews in America makes an awful lot of sense. We do not need to associate ourselves or our nation with trash, especially Jew-hating and self-hating trash from America.

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