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American street wants Obama to ‘get tough’ on settlements

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Who likes Israel? A new Arab American Institute poll shows that only 42 percent of Democrats have a favorable view of Israel while 9 out of 10 Republicans do. A mere 20 percent of Dems are favorable toward Netanyahu, 84 percent of Republicans. AAI says that 40 percent of all Americans say that settlements should be stopped (to a third who say they’re legit); and that 40 percent of Americans say we should "get tough" with Israel on settlements over 26 percent who say we should let them be. 

This reveals the backwardness of the Jewish community, actually. You’d think with those lopsided numbers that J Street could go pedal to the metal. It can’t. It offers firm but careful criticism of Netanyahu. Its base is Jewish, and I am sure Jewish approval #s of Israel and Netanyahu are far higher. 40-26 Americans want to "get tough." What’s Obama afraid of? The conservative Jewish establishment.

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