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CNN viewers: Time for the US to get tough with Israel


Youtube poster Media Matters Action Network says that Wolf Blitzer was "surprised" by Jack Cafferty’s viewer criticisms of Israel, and this is the case. Cafferty takes an atypically-sober tone, cautiously criticizing the Israel-US special relationship, suggesting that we should "start cutting back on the approximately 2.5 billion in aid we give to Israel every year…." and quoting Maureen Dowd saying that the White House is "appalled by Israel’s self-absorption." Then he polls viewers. The letters Cafferty reads are critical of Israel, 6-1. The 1 is repulsive: "We should be helping Israel occupy as much Arab land as possible." "You got a lot of emails?" Blitzer asks. "And most of it was anti-Israel, you would say?"

Cafferty then says this was a helluva way to treat Biden, the 1600 new settlements. Blitzer agrees: "I think a lot of people were very, very upset about it, including by the way in Israel." The former JPost reporter, playing the role of Israel apologist, to the end.

(hat-tip Ali Gharib, for pointing out the importance of this broadcast.)

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