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Roll over Ben Gurion and tell Jabotinsky the news (‘Washington Note’ characterizes Zionism as colonialist)

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Nir Rosen is guestposting for Steve Clemons at the Washington Note. This is good, another attack on Efraim Karsh, a guest neocon at the New York Times, titled, "It’s Not about Islam & Judaism, It’s About Anti-Colonialism, Territory, Liberation, and Lives":

On Sunday, February 28th the New York Times published an outrageous oped by Efraim Karsh full of lies, distortions and mistakes….

Karsh mentions some sort of "100-year war between Arabs and Jews." There is no 100 year war between Arabs and Jews. There is a 100 year colonial struggle between Zionist Jews and the Palestinian people (and briefly the Lebanese as well).

Note that Rosen is saying this at a beltway thinktank, a respectable one, the New America Foundation. This would have been unheard of a decade ago.

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