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Emulating the perpetrators of terror

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The latest candidate for the Chutzpah of the Month award: Fern Oppenheim, in the Jerusalem Post, obviously an American Jew living in the States, cannot see the ironies when she writes: "When innocent Palestinian children watch their beloved Sesame Street-like TV characters brutally murdered by IDF soldiers [in Palestinian media], or spend time in summer camps and public squares named after suicide bombers, they are being carefully prepared to harbor lasting enmity and emulate perpetrators of terror."

Palestinian children do not have to watch TV to see their parents, relatives and friends "brutally murdered by IDF soldiers" and as for honoring terrorists, what is naming a town square compared to Israelis electing not one, but two men who proudly proclaimed themselves to be terrorists as their prime minister–the Irgun’s Menachem Begin and the Stern Gang’s Yitzhak Shamir, both of whom who were named as terrorists by the British government with rewards promised for their capture? That’s leaving out Ariel Sharon, the butcher of Lebanon and before that Gaza who had more deaths of innocents on his hands than either Begin or Shamir and over whom the Israelis swooned, and elected him, as well.

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