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Margalit says Jerusalem must be internationalized (who is listening?)

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Important piece in the Jerusalem Post about Israeli thinker Avishai Margalit, in which he says things that he hasn’t written in the U.S.–and nor has his sometime co-author Michael Walzer. Jerusalem must be shared and under international governance– just what the UN said 60 years ago. Lift the siege of 1.5 million people in Gaza. Margalit talks about the Gazan students denied freedom to study, and denounces collective punishment. 

“To create this huge jail and believe that something good will emerge because now it’s quiet, that’s an illusion,” he says. “Actually, it’s moral bankruptcy and a terrible illusion.”

As we say in American bars, No s—, Sherlock. Reading this, I see Margalit’s illusions too. These conditions have been true for many years. He imagines that the mistakes of the brutal and stupid occupation can be reversed and Israel can be "little" Israel again in the 1948 borders. Can it? Where were these denunciations when they would make a difference; and will the American press do anything to reflect them? The rough beast slouching toward Jerusalem is the Prime Minister, and the Israel lobby; note that in a recent poll most American Jews aren’t for dividing Jerusalem.

61% also said Israel should not be “willing to compromise on the status of Jerusalem as a united city under Israeli jurisdiction” as part of the framework of a peace settlement. (JPost again)

They’ve never been there, they’re against dividing it, and who is going to educate them?

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