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When Israel invaded Lebanon, Americans died

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Dershowitz at Huffpo, saying, The conflict between the US and Israel must end now!

"Most of all, it is an entirely false argument. There is absolutely no correlation between Israeli actions and the safety of American troops — none.

"No one has ever shown any relationship between what Israel does and the rate of American casualties, because there is no such relationship — none"

Quite apart from the distortions that Dershowitz presents in one of his typical pro-Israel screeds, those two sentences are factually wrong. Had there been no Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and had not Defense Minister Sharon pushed all the way to Beirut, President Reagan would not have ordered the Marines to Lebanon in 1983, where according to official reports, 241 Marines were killed in a truck bombing that October (although a Marine survivor who was guarding the base entrance later that morning told me and the Swedish charge d’affaires that the total dead was over 400 since sailors from the USS New Jersey and soldiers from an US Army unit that was training the Lebanese had stayed overnight against regulations, some of whom were among the dead). Whatever the number, had Israel not invaded Lebanon, those Marines, sailors and soldiers would not have died.

Jeffrey Blankfort

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