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600 people readying to sail to Gaza on 8 ships, including ‘MV Rachel Corrie’

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This is how the grassroots works. A year ago when Gaza freedom boats tried to sail into Gaza and were rebuffed by the Israelis, there were movement people on them mostly. Well now we hear John Ging and Brian Baird calling for the world to break the siege, and Turkey too, talking about a new Berlin airlift. And a large flotilla is set to sail to Gaza by the end of the month. From the Free Gaza movement:

Later this month the Freedom Flotilla, consisting of three cargo ships and five passenger boats, will set sail to Gaza… The ships are being readied in Greece, Ireland and Turkey to carry 5000 tons of reconstruction materials, school supplies, and medical equipment, as well as 600 passengers from over 40 countries.

“We welcome Mr. Ging’s statement, which recognizes the responsibility of the international community to oppose the illegal blockade that Israel has imposed on Gaza,” said Denis Halliday, former UN Assistant Secretary General and participant in the flotilla.

A couple of the ships will have Turkish flags, and an Irish one is called the MV Rachel Corrie! Marian Houk notes that the Turkish human rights org involved–

a Turkish relief organization, IHH(Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief, or Insani Yardim Vakfi), is making major preparations to participate in the coming “Freedom Flotilla”–

is the same one whose West Bank director, Izzet Sahin, was arrested last week at the Bethlehem checkpoint. Huh.

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