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if this were happening in the U.S., we would fill the streets

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bassemThis picture was taken a few hours ago in Palestine, in the village of Bil’in, by the photographer Hamde Abu Rahma.

The poster in the photo commemorates Bassem Abu Rahme, who was killed in Bil’in 13 months ago when he was protesting the confiscation of the village’s land. Israeli Defense Forces shot him with a tear gas canister. 

And then on Friday during the Bil’in protests– in occupied Palestine, mind you– the Israelis arrests Ashraf, Bassem’s brother. Then released him, and then earlier today in Palestine, they raided Ashraf’s home trying to find him again. So this is a picture of a soldier inside the Abu Rahme house.

And now it’s international, and Israel’s soul– I don’t know where it is. Abu Rahme’s report:

At 12am, early Wednesday morning, the Israeli military invaded Bil’in village looking for Ashraf Abu Rahme. Ashraf had been arrested along with six other Palestinian, Israeli, and International activists (including Bil’in residents Haitham Al Katib and Waji Burnat) at a demonstration in Bil’in Friday afternoon. After searching three houses including his mother’s home and the unfinished house of his brother Bassem Abu Rahme (who was killed during a demonstration last year), they were unable to find Ashraf. This night invasion happened on the same day that B’tselem camera man Haitham Al Katib and Waji Burnat were released from Ofer Military Prison where they had been taken on Friday night after being arrested in Bil’in. The Israeli and International activists had been released the same day as the arrest.  Apparently tonight the military was attempting to take Ashraf for further questioning with the Shin Bet Israeli intelligence.

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