CFR braintrust on Gaza is almost all neocon and a six-letter-word-beginning-with-J

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This is astonishing: The Council on Foreign Relations lineup on the Gaza disaster. And every expert is a neocon or neocon-lite. And almost all are Jewish. I guess Steven Cook is, not sure. Oh and Max Boot is. Wow: Is this any way to run a "Council on Foreign Relations"? An establishment institution? Just asking. Could you have a token Palestinian or Arab-American? One large point of Dan Luban’s piece at Tablet is we have to have non-Jews engaged in this conversation. One large point of Bill Quandt’s intro to the best history of the U.S. decision to recognize Israel is that all the State Department guys who opposed Partition were WASPs. OK, so that wasn’t such a great Establishment either. But is this? Lineup below.

Stormy Seas off Gaza for Israel

Israel’s response to a humanitarian aid flotilla off Gaza marked another setback for US-Turkish relations and possible complications for the latest U.S.-brokered Mideast peace talks, says CFR’s Steven Cook. Read more

Article: "Joining the Jackals" by Elliott Abrams (Weekly Standard)

Op-ed: "Israel’s Gaza Flotilla Fiasco" by Max Boot (Wall Street Journal)

Article: "Israel Was Right" by Leslie Gelb (The Daily Beast)

Interactive: Crisis Guide – The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Op-ed: "The Palestine Peace Distraction" by Richard Haass (Wall Street Journal)

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