Jews at CFR, c’ted

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Steven Cook has admonished me for "Jew-baiting" in a post I did yesterday on the Council on Foreign Relations’s lineup writing about the Gaza flotilla attack. His comment:

I am Jewish….

Also, Philip you should be ashamed of yourself for:

1) the Jew baiting in this post
2) not bothering to read much of what my colleagues and I have written

Off to play golf.

Steven A. Cook

Break your handicap, Steven, and when you get back:

I’m sure I was too provocative in my previous post– I sometimes am. But does it matter that all five experts convened by the Council on Foreign Relations to weigh in on the flotilla raid are Jewish? Does the lack of religious diversity signify anything noteworthy (even about the Jewish rise into the establishment)? William Quandt says that all the State Department officials who opposed Partition and later Truman’s decision to recognize Israel were "WASPs".

Daniel Luban has scored liberal Zionists’ "attacks directed at any critics who were deemed to be ‘outsiders’—generally Gentiles." Peter Beinart has basically said the same thing when he said, "I think we suffer from a distinct absence of Palestinian voices." What do you say?

And as to you and your colleagues’ writings, I’ve read the others, not you. But help me: Can you point me to any earnest opposition to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories on human-rights grounds (a concern that animates my site and is anathema at your neocon hangout) in anything any of you guys has written?

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