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Sullivan asks how to redeem the Jewish state

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Sullivan has asked if there are any anti-Zionist columnists anywhere in the US, and is getting no response. No there are none. You get drawn and quartered. And in the same post he tries to justify Israel’s existence in light of his discovery of Richard Cohen’s 2006 statement that Israel’s founding was a "mistake". I agree that the essential question is whether a Jewish state can be redeemed, and how. I am actually agnostic. But it requires wrestling with an essential issue, the 1948 issue, which Sullivan is on to in his way: Before Partition, the State Department warned Truman that a Jewish state could only be established and maintained by force. That was their solemn warning, and it was prophetic. The Arabs, they reported, didn’t want it. And in complete violation of U.S. policy, set by Roosevelt and Truman himself, the U.S. did not "consult" the Arabs about the issue, as promised. And ever since the Israelis, entitled by the Israel lobby’s guarantee of blind superpower support that is now beginning at last to crumble at the edges, have shown contempt for their neighbors’ completely-understandable response to dispossession and colonization, and not sought to come to terms, but demonized that resistance as Islamism, etc. Redeeming a Jewish state would on the American part require respecting at last issues of Arab self-determination and the right of return of refugees. It would require some motion toward the principle that all men are created equal. No a Jewish state would not be equal. But I would have a hard time objecting to dhimmitude if I were not implicated in it. Cf, the Japanese and Germans and Saudis. Thanks to Peter Voskamp.

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