More evidence that Israel’s image has dramatically shifted

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Robert Mackey of the Times did a good piece today about the former Israeli soldier’s facebook photos of humiliated Palestinian prisoners. He mentions Breaking the Silence’s collection of similar photos, he quotes a Palestinian on routine humiliation. He leads with the former soldier’s statement that she feels like she did nothing wrong. 

A commenter named M. Junaid from New York wrote:

In a pathetic but very real sense, this woman is right – within the context of a society such as Israel, there is indeed "nothing wrong" about humiliating and oppressing another people. That deterioration of any moral sense is exactly what happens in any colonizing country, whether it was France in Algeria or the British in Kenya.

The difference, of course, is that the Israeli colonial project has no interest in pulling back to pre-1967 borders. For that, we can thank AIPAC and the American public that foolishly subsidizes Israeli colonialism, no matter how wrong it is or how much it alienates the entire Muslim world.

187 readers then recommended this comment. More than any other by far. Oh wait, Fizzy in Philadelphia comes close at 111:

As a result of their "Ethno-Centric" consciousness, they [the Jewish people] have become like those who persecuted them for generations. Ultra nationalistic, egomaniacal, and militaristic. They have gained world power status at the expense of their soul as a people.

Something is stirring in the American elite consciousness… (Thanks to Peter Voskamp)

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