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Saving children from spiritual damage caused by toy pigs…

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Shmarya Rosenberg of has a funny/terrifying blotter up at Heeb of some of the achievements of orthodox Jews in the last week. Go to the link to read the whole thing, but, excerpts (h/t Ali Gharib):

Seven minors and two young adults, all Jewish and all thought to be residents of West Bank settlements or Jerusalem, were arrested by Jerusalem police. The Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox youths used a 14-year-old girl to lure unsuspecting Arab men to isolated locations in the city where they were beaten by the others. The gang is also suspected of mistakenly beating a South American tourist they mistook for an Arab. (Ha’aretz)…

An Israeli-Druze man who served in Israel’s armed forces and his four Israeli-Arab flatmates were forced to flee their home in Tel Aviv after local Jews, egged on by Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox rabbis, vandalized their home and threatened to kill them with a car bomb. (Ynet)

Earlier in the week, five Sudanese refugees barely escaped with their lives when their apartment in the southern Israeli city of Ashdod was set on fire, apparently by Jews upset that “infiltrators” were living in their neighborhood. (Ynet)…

Ohr Somayach’s rosh yeshiva, or dean, tells an inspiring story that shows the lengths ultra-Orthodox Jews will go to protect their children from spiritual damage caused by toy pigs. (Failed Messiah)…

An Israeli man, Moshe Harel is on the run from Interpol. Harel is suspected of being at the center of network of organ traffickers in Kosovo. Harel’s alleged role included matching potential donors recruited in Turkey with recipients, many if not all of whom had connections with Israel. (Ha’aretz)

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