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In the Knesset, speaking Zionistically, Huckabee says that Egyptian revolution is a ‘threat to Israel’

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Bill Kristol said at Yivo a few years ago, prophetically, that Zionists will have to turn to the Christians more and more. This is huge; Max Blumenthal reports on Huckabee’s speech to Knesset. He spoke “very Zionistically,” an Israeli rightwinger said happily. And what does this signal?

Egypt will liberate the U.S. It will have a huge effect on our political culture, exposing the Israel lobby. The lobby will increasingly be seen as a rightwing movement in American life. Schumer will be forced to reconcile his support for the Egyptian people, which his base demands, with his opposition to democracy in Israel. I am saying that the Democratic Party must abandon the hard Zionism that it is attached to if it wants to retain a progressive base. It means that the special relationship will finally be discussed in the mainstream media. When, please?

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