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Neocons to lecture Obama on Monday

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And you’re worried about Islamists? Robert Kagan and Elliott Abrams have been invited to the White House, per Laura Rozen, to talk about Egypt. Looks like other participants are likely to be Dennis Ross and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East democracy issues Tamara Wittes. She’s sort of a mellow Zionist. If you perform a Lexis-Nexis search Wittes always provides the: both sides must move forward blah blah. So the water is muddied and when no progress is made then one can lie convincingly and say the participants didn’t move forward but not for lack of trying on the part of the US.

Here is Tamara Wittes on Mubarak and Egyptian democracy from last March. Translation, we support Mubarak because he supports Israel. Excerpt:

US Official Denies Obama Administration Dropping Middle East Democracy Agenda Report by Joyce Karam in Washington:

“Washington: We Adhere to Support for Democracy; Not All Islamic Movements Are Like Hizballah and HAMAS” Al-Hayah Online Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The case of Egypt is a major point in the controversy between the US Administration and its opponents. In this connection, Tamara Wittes stressed that President Obama has discussed with his Egyptian counterpart Husni Mubarak “the latter’s promises that he made during his latest electoral campaign” (2004-05), whereby he pledged to the Egyptians “to remove the state of emergency law and the law providing for the incarceration of journalists, and to allow open political competition.” … [US] to avoid “angering governments” that it badly needs for cooperation over foreign dossiers such as the peace process and the crisis with Iran. Tamara Wittes also affirmed that Washington “wants to see a more open and fairer election operation in Egypt this year … We are working in the diplomatic field with aid provided on the ground to guarantee this orientation.”

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