These two rabbis walked into a newspaper with an op-ed about Gaza, and–

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I just remembered this this morning– a story that Felice Gelman told last week at Alwan for the Arts when we were flogging our book on the Goldstone report (buy it here; then write a scalding or fulsome review at Amazon).

Last December or the December before (my notes don’t say), Gelman helped two rabbis who had written an op-ed called “Light a ninth candle for Gaza” place that piece in a “major major newspaper.” One of the top 5, she said. Near the end of the process, the rabbis were told that the piece would go online within an hour. “It didn’t appear within an hour.” Instead, the op-ed’s authors received a “dramatically-revised version” of the piece that included a number of questions, assailing their facts re Gaza. Some of these questions were not in grammatical English, and Gelman said that she can’t prove it, but she believes an Israeli was consulted. The Op-Ed, Gelman said, never was published. “That’s the conspiracy of silence.”

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