US Palestinian Community Network to PA – ‘You’re fired’

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Today in New York members of the US Palestinian Community Network will be serving a “notice of termination” to the Palestinian Authority at the Palestine Permanent Observation Mission to the UN. From a press release:

On the heels of a people’s victory for freedom and democracy in Egypt, the US Palestinian Community Network-NYC will present the Palestinian Authority with a pink slip terminating its employment as the leadership of the Palestinian people for failure to uphold its duties as a governing body. Additionally the existence of the Palestinian Authority allows the State of Israel to evade its legal obligations as an occupation force toward the occupied Palestinian people. The event will also include presenting a list of demands that includes terminating the Oslo Accords and unifying Palestinian political forces upon a national platform of ending the occupation.

The radical concessions made by the PA to the Israelis, as confirmed by documents and demonstrated by blocking the vote on the Goldstone Report at the UN Human Rights Council, the presence of Dayton Forces and a detrimental policy towards Gaza, on territory, sovereignty, Jerusalem, the right of return for refugees, and the integrity of the Palestinian national body, especially that part that lives outside the West Bank and Gaza, is a direct and tragic consequence of this position.

You can learn more on this Facebook page, and here’s the pink slip that will be delivered:

PA Pink Slip

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