Washington Post survey of Middle East protests leaves out Palestine

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The Washington Post has a click-on-the-country map of the “Middle East and North Africa in turmoil” where you can get the latest updates from various countries. Well, Palestine doesn’t count– despite the huge turnout today to demand unification of Hamas and Fatah. And despite the weekly demonstrations all across the West Bank against occupation and land confiscation.

The same goes for the New York Times, by the way, in its Middle East summaries. Says my anonymous friend who pointed this out:

The Post and NYT seem to have nothing to say in their country summaries about demonstrations against Israeli occupation or even those calling for Palestinian national unity. Do these not count? Why not? I wonder if the Post’s new ombudsman might have something to say about it. Is Palestinian freedom a lesser concern? I would have thought the Post would move abruptly to update readers about Palestinian demonstrations in Gaza in the hope of having an anti-Hamas story to report. I can still see the Post doing that. The real question will be whether they also cover in the summary Palestinian demonstrations against the apartheid wall.

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