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Klein, Erakat, Travers, Flanders, Ratner to discuss Goldstone in NY

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19thSave the date. We’re proud, this is our event, along with the Culture Project. Naomi Klein and Desmond Travers and Noura Erakat will traveling to New York next month to discuss the Goldstone Report and its reverberations. They’ll be joined by our co-editor on the volume, Lizzy Ratner, and moderated by Laura Flanders of Grit-TV. Yes a dazzling crew.

The hall is a big one on East 59th Street and it will cost you $11 to get in. Get over it— proceeds are going to the Palestine Centre for Human Rights, whose director Raji Sourani was a contributor to our Goldstone volume along with Naomi Klein.

Klein has emerged in the last year as a leader on the global warming issue, but she has made a point of keeping her hand in on Gaza and the Israel/Palestine conflict. Erakat is a Palestinian and a leading human-rights attorney in Washington and a spokesperson for the refugee resource center, Badil. Colonel Travers was a member of the UN Factfinding Mission on the Gaza Conflict; lately he and two other commissioners issued their statement standing by the report. I’m going to try and interview him while he’s in the Apple. And Ratner co-edited our volume and has been speaking widely on it, in a manner that defies ideologies, but seeks to replace “frenzy” with “depth,” as she wrote in our introduction.

The Nation, the Nation Institute, the Center for Constitutional Rights, Haymarket Books and CodePink are cosponsors. Please join us!

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