Meretz’s boycott of settlement wines doesn’t include Golan Heights

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As you may know, Meretz-USA has interestingly taken the position of encouraging people not to buy “settlement wines” for Passover. It urges American Jews to boycott this group of six West Bank wineries.

Meretz’s definition of settlements seems to exclude wines from the Golan Heights. But as Who Profits notes here, many Israeli settlement wines come from the Golan. One of those wineries lately won an international award in Italy.

There would seem to be a chance that by boycotting West Bank settlements wines, Meretz-USA could increase purchases of Golan settlement wines. A commenter on the Meretz-USA blog raised the question of Golan wines a few days back–

What is the explanation for this? Has Meretz USA decided to give Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights a free pass?

but no one from Meretz-USA has responded. I don’t know whether this is one of those cases where one might say, if they will boycott an egg, we want them to boycott that egg, or whether the concern that another Israeli occupation (the Golan) might be furthered trumps that. It’s an interesting question.

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