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‘NYT’ front-pages Egyptian shift in policy re northeastern neighbor

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More about denial. The major denial in U.S. political culture right now is that the Arab spring does not affect Israel. When as Jack Ross wrote in the moment, it will likely end the idea of the Jewish state, and as Norman Finkelstein says, it has placed Egypt in the Turkey camp, no longer holding the bag for Israel.

Well, The New York Times is on the story, on the front page, “In Shift, Egypt Warms to … Israel’s Foes.” David Kirkpatrick:

Egypt’s shifts are likely to alter the balance of power in the region, allowing Iran new access to a previously implacable foe and creating distance between itself and Israel, which has been watching the changes with some alarm. “We are troubled by some of the recent actions coming out of Egypt,” said one senior Israeli official, citing a “rapprochement between Iran and Egypt” as well as “an upgrading of the relationship between Egypt and Hamas.”

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