To be a teenager in Bil’in

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Two children were taken to hospital after the latest army invasion in Bil’in, a village in the occupied Palestinian territories.
At midday on April 28, the Israeli army entered Bil’in. Three military jeeps came through the Western gate in the Wall, drove through the village and to the mosque. Clashes erupted when a group of children and youth saw the jeeps, and stones were thrown in order to make the soldiers leave the village.
However, instead of leaving the army decided to stay for an hour, throwing stun grenades and shooting tear gas and rubber covered steel bullets towards the villagers. Two young boys were injured by rubber covered steel bullets; Jamal (14) was shot with two bullets on his chin, while Najmi (15) was hit in his leg. An ambulance was called to take them both to the hospital in Ramallah for treatment.
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