Bachmann takes it to the mat– US and Israel are ‘two sides of the same coin’

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On June 13th Michelle Bachman announced her presidential run. Today it is all about…. Israel.

This speech of hers could have been written by Israel’s Foreign Ministry it is so over the top, such a blatant pandering to Israel interests. We’re all used to candidates cementing their Israel bonafides during the election season but this coming directly on the heels of her announcement to run, these declarations– “Most Americans recognize that Israelis and Americans are two sides of the same coin because we share the same values and the same aspirations… We even share the same exceptional mission — to be a light to the nations” –  leave no wiggle room, none. 

Notice in Bachmann’s final segment, she cites Tzipi Livni’s code for rising democracies where we get schooled ‘democracy is about values before it is about voting’?

President Obama rightly asserted that America’s commitment to our values is being tested today but contrary to what he says upholding American values doesn’t require us to support the rise to power of those who reject the bedrock notion of liberty of individual rights and freedom of religion that are the foundations of the American creed just because they manage to convince a majority of voters to support their intolerant message, because upholding American values does not involve saying we will support whatever political forces win the most votes. Upholding American values means that we make clear that we have standards of human conduct and if you don’t subscribe to them then while we may cooperate with you when we have an interest in doing so we will not consider you a credible ally. Upholding American values means standing shoulder to shoulder with those who share them and first and foremost that means that we must stand with Israel. I stand with Israel.

Our policies in the Middle East must be guided by this very basic imperative, we must insure that israel is strong and gets stronger so that it remains capable of defending itself at all times and under all circumstances.

God bless you and may God bless the State of Israel and certainly the United States of America.

Bring it on Michelle, let’s talk more about Israel. Something tells me this will wear very thin with the American public.

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