In major shift, ‘Peace Now’ calls for boycott of settlement goods

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Bravo to Peace Now. Understanding the crisis that the new anti-democratic law in Israel represents, it has called on everyone to boycott settlement products. It has at last come out for boycott, of a limited nature. Will J Street follow? From JPost:

Speaking before a few dozen supporters outside the courthouse on Tuesday, former Meretz MK Mossi Raz said, “Last night, the Knesset passed one of the most dastardly laws in the history of the state of Israel … the Knesset broke the tools of the Israeli democracy, and we must now use these broken tools in order to defend Israel’s democracy.”

Raz said that while Peace Now has never called for a boycott against the settlements, following the passing of the boycott law the organization “will call for a boycott of the settlements until the occupation is over and a Palestinian state is founded next to the state of Israel.”

From Peace Now’s Facebook page:

By Tuesday afternoon Peace Now launched its “Boycott the Settlements Campaign” outside the Tel Aviv Law Courts, where we signed the public up to a petition and urged people not to buy products from the settlements – highlighting products like Psgot wines. The petition in Hebrew:

New Policy

Until today Peace Now has never boycotted or called upon people to boycott the settlements, we have always preferred to debate the issue with the public. However as soon as the Freedom of Speech has been violated and this right to debate has been taken away from us – the only option remaining is to go head to head with the extreme right and break the law immediately. Our campaign drew attention from all the national newspapers, and TV + media outlets. MK’s began to deny they were the ones that supported the law, and the AG admitted he would have difficulty legally defending the law in court.

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