Let’s negotiate over how we divide the pizza while I eat the pizza

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Just got this from today’s State Department briefing. This is the very first question. And spokesperson Victoria Nuland tells the Palestinians to just lie down and accept another 1100 colonists usurping their land. This is why the Europeans are shocked by us and the Palestinians are outraged and Larry Derfner is writing, at 972, that Israel has lost America as an ally because it has crushed our credibility.

QUESTION: Can I ask you about the Israeli announcement of settlement expansion in East Jerusalem? Do you have a reaction to that announcement?

MS. NULAND: We do. You won’t be surprised that we are deeply disappointed by this morning’s announcement by the Government of Israel approving the construction of 1,001 housing units in East Jerusalem. We consider this counterproductive to our efforts to resume direct negotiations between the parties, and we have long urged both parties to avoid actions which could undermine trust, including in Jerusalem. And we’ll continue to work with the parties to try to resume direct negotiations.

QUESTION: What does this say to the Palestinians now? You’re working hard to try to get them to, well, not drop their bid but maybe not act on it for a while at the Security Council. What does this say to them about the ability to get talks going again and getting the Israelis to hold back on the settlements?

MS. NULAND: Well, as I said, we consider it counterproductive. That doesn’t change the fact that we believe, the President believes, the Secretary believes that the best way – the only way, in fact – to get to two states living side by side in peace, in security, is through direct negotiations. So we will continue to try to use the days and weeks ahead to get there, and we are urging both parties to take advantage of the proposal that the Quartet put forward last Friday to come back to the table.

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Empty promises, futile words, appeasement of an apartheid state. And they expect Palestinians to take them seriously, or believe a word they say? Have they no idea of how craven and idiotic they look?

The Israelis are eating the negotiating table as well as the pizza. They want to send the Palestinians to the Jordanian restaurant

Why are reporters even bothering to ask the representative of (the formerly great and powerful) Oz these questions? Why should Israel NOT build on their own territory? If they (as emperors) have said the land is theirs, it is as good as theirs, is it not? And if it is as good as theirs, it is, for all practical purposes, theirs, is it not? That is, it IS theirs. (As matter of law. In case… Read more »

The president believes that in the dispute between civil rights protestors and the City of Birmingham, Alabama, there is no alternative but for the parties, led by Martin Luther King and police chief Bull Connor, “to work things out between themselves through direct negotiations. This is the only way to achieve desegregation of public facilities in the city.”

Q: Israel has lost America as an ally because it has crushed our credibility.

R: Will China be kind enough to send GBU-39’s for free? Globo-bully is about to keel over and diminish in stature and pose [even without ‘our friend in the M.E.’ sawing ‘our’ financial and moral crutches in half], so I guess another, more powerful bully will emerge and not fill in the blanks, but a void?