Only 7 Republican congresspeople to visit Israel this month

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From the JTA :

Seven Republican U.S. congressmen have accepted an invitation from World Likud chairman Danny Danon to visit Israel this month.

Among those who will be making the trip are the co-chairs of the Republican Israel Caucus, Peter Roskam of Illinois and Doug Lamborn of Colorado. They will be joined by  Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, which advances a conservative social and economic agenda in the House of Representatives.

The congressmen will attend discussions at the Knesset, hold meetings throughout the country and take a helicopter flight over the West Bank, Israel Hayom reported.

(thx to Blankfort)

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So, only 7 instead of 41?

So amazing that after former Rep Bob Ney went to prison for accepting gifts trips from special interest and new legislation was passed to stop these trips paid for by special interest groups…they continue. Grant Smith has continually tried to shed the light on these illegal and immoral trips. Great that Medea Benjaman jumped on board @Grant Smith AIPAC Congressional Lobbying Junkets to Israel Illegal Charges IRS and DOJ Filing A complaint filed today with… Read more »

Traitors, jail them all.

The Israeli government has murdered American civilians and soldiers.

A friend to the Israeli government is, at this moment in time, not a friend to the American people.

If seven congressmen and senators visit Israel every month, it will take 6 years for them all to visit.

Is that a bad thing?