Pregnant Pulitzer prize winning American photojournalist humiliated as Israeli soldiers ‘watched and laughed’

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New York Times photographer Lynsey Addario stands near the frontline in Ras Lanuf, Libya.(Photo: Getty Images)
New York Times photographer Lynsey Addario stands near the frontline in Ras Lanuf, Libya.(Photo: Getty Images)

After a month long investigation into the humiliating treatment of pregnant Pulitzer Prize winning NYT American photojournalist Lynsey Addario, Israel finally issued an apology yesterday. Ethan Bronner, NYT Bureau Chief for Israel, reportedly said he was ‘shocked’ at both Addario’s treatment and the length of the investigation.


Israel’s Defense Ministry apologized Monday for the treatment of a pregnant American news photographer who said she was strip searched and humiliated by Israeli soldiers during a security check.

Lynsey Addario, who was on assignment for the New York Times, had requested that she not be forced to go through an X-ray machine as she entered Israel from the Gaza Strip because of concerns for her unborn baby.

Instead, she wrote in a letter to the ministry, she was forced through the machine three times as soldiers “watched and laughed from above.” She said she was then taken into a room where she was ordered by a female worker to strip down to her underwear.

In the Oct. 25 letter sent by the newspaper said Addario, a Pulitzer Prize winner who is based in India and has worked in more than 60 countries, had never been treated with “such blatant cruelty.”

Text of the apology available at the link.

Perhaps this explains some of the recent ‘hostilities‘ from the Grey Lady.

(Hat tip Karen Platt)

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Of course Lynsey Addario don’t look ‘white’ enough for the racist idf. Need I say more?

The idf don’t wait for babies to be born before they attack them with White Phosphorous and graveyard-hour kidnappings and torture. They assault them while they’re still in their mother’s womb.

Disgusting barbarians!

Is an “apology” enough?

Lynsey Addario should sue them for attempted infanticide.

The Israelis still manage to surprise me sometimes. They seem to delight in thinking up new forms of cruelty.

Are they going to issue any official apology to thousands of Palestinian women being abused,assulted, humiliated on daily bases??
Or is senator from South Carolina going to issue another “resolution” stating his total submission to the apartheid state of Israel, and its practices.??