Threatening letter to Obama on chilling Turkey is signed by 7 Jewish House members, says Peace Now

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Here is evidence of the degree to which Zionism has captured American Jewish life. The Washington Post reports that Congresspeople Shelly Berkley and Eliot Engel are trying to block arms sales to Turkey because it is making trouble for Israel. Berkley and Engel are both Zionists (Engel goes to AIPAC and speaks about Jews’ rights to the West Bank.)

Peace Now reports on the effort and points out that 7 “senior House members” opposing Turkey are Jewish. Many of these Congresspeople are liberals:

On 11/2/11 Rep. Engel (D-NY) and 6 other senior Jewish House members – Berman, D-CA), Lowey (D-NY), Berkley (D-NV), Sherman (D-CA), Israel (D-NY), and Schiff (D-CA) – sent a letter to President Obama blasting Turkey for a laundry list of sins (expelling the Israeli ambassador, not expelling the Syrian ambassador, behavior related to Cyprus, refusing to apologize for the Armenian genocide, and unspecified other actions) and stating that “the United States needs to undertake an urgent review of our relations with Turkey and our overall strategy in the Eastern Mediterranean.” The letter concludes somewhat threateningly: “It is our hope that an intensified and frank dialogue with Turkey can convince Ankara to deescalate some of its rhetoric and roll-back its increasingly destabilizing policies. However, if that cannot be achieved, we look forward to working with your Administration to review the changed environment and develop an approach which better suits the situation.” 

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Phil, there’s two parts to this piece as I see it. One of it is to point out Jewish influence and penetration(dare we say domination?) of the American elite establishment. The other is really a byproduct to show the first, and that is to somehow paint this as unnecessary for American interests but that this bill is being pushed anyway because A) Jews have an interest in it and B) Most Jews (at least in… Read more »

This is madness.

Israel kills 9 Turkish nationals and an American in International waters. Turkey takes diplomatic measures in protest.

And we are supposed to be mad at Turkey for this? This is nuts.

Always hilarious when American pro-zionist politicians start ragging on some other regime’s “destabilizing policies.” Hey, destabilizing the Middle East is our job!

Ergo: live in Vegas. No one will threaten you.