Adelson is helping Gingrich, as he once helped Bush

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Politico is saying that Sheldon Adelson, the ultra-Zionist casino owner reported by Forbes to be the third-richest person in the U.S., may have committed $20 million to pro-Gingrich groups outside the official campaign. This ties in with the great reporting on Republican competition for Jewish donors by Josh Nathan-Kazis and Nathan Guttman at the Forward; they also said that Gingrich’s big Jewish backer is Sheldon Adelson, and the two have a mutual friend in Netanyahu.   

This piece underlines what I’ve reported, and repeated again and again, about Adelson: that at the same time that he gave the Republican National State Elections Committee $100,000 in 2000 (after $200,000 in the two years before that), president-elect George Bush was giving neocon Douglas Feith a job, and Feith brought the One-Jerusalem/freeze-the-peace-process agenda into the Bush administration.  Along with Iraq-war-architect David Wurmser, who comes up again here, in Gingrich’s wake. Notice all the neocons floating around the Romney and Gingrich campaigns in the Forward report:

In the battle for the Republican pro-Israel vote, Newt Gingrich lacks Mitt Romney’s broad base of prominent Jewish donors. But he has something potentially more powerful: the support of one of Benjamin Netanyahu’s most significant American backers, and a relationship with the Israeli prime minister himself that stretches back decades.

Billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, one of the wealthiest men in the world and a major donor to Jewish and conservative causes, is widely known as a Netanyahu stalwart. Less well known are his equally close ties to Gingrich, to whom he has been a major giver in recent years…

Ties between Gingrich and Netanyahu date back to the mid 1990s, when both shared a goal of countering a drive by then-president Bill Clinton to advance the peace process. Netanyahu, as leader of the opposition, maintained close relations with Gingrich and the Republican leadership.

“At the time, Bibi used him [Gingrich] to pressure the president when it came to issues relating to the peace process,” recalled Itamar Rabinovich, Israel’s ambassador to Washington from 1993 to 1996….

Gingrich’s foreign policy team, announced in late November, may also billboard an attempt to appeal to Jews. It includes Middle East hawks like onetime Dick Cheney adviser David Wurmser and Iran expert Ilan Berman, editor of a journal published by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, a right-wing Israel-focused think tank.

Gingrich hasn’t cornered the market on right-wing, pro-Israel supporters. Philip Rosen, former national chairman of American Friends of Likud, hosted a $10,000-per-head fundraiser for Romney in September. And Romney’s foreign policy team includes such neoconservative stalwarts as former defense policy advisory board member Eliot Cohen and Dan Senor, former spokesman for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq.

(h/t Voskamp via Sullivan)

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The number of neoconservatives waiting just off stage in the camps of the Republican candidates, eager to find any excuse for the US to go to war with Iran, is ominous and worrisome. Obama’s re-election is quite uncertain. We need to be able to use the term “Israel-firster” freely on the Chris Matthews or Ed Shows.

Bizarre statement in Ha’aretz

“We believe in common with most Israelis that Israeli nationality is an inclusive concept which can accommodate equally those of other faiths and ethnic origins.”

Zionism “can accommodate those of other ethnic origins”. Including the local people. I guess that is colonialism in a nutshell.
But of course it can’t even do that.

I don’t trust him, but Gordon Duff of Veterans Today once wrote something on Gingrich being ‘invented’ that made a whole lot of sense. That Gingrich was a ‘creation’ of the lobby from the very beginning. Basically they saw in this man somebody who could do their dirty work with a straight face and be ‘charming’ about it to gullible masses. Ron Paul’s political ads kinda exposed part of this. His constant flip-flopping on issues… Read more »

Gingrich needs to get destroyed at the polls for letting people like the racist traitor Adelson bribe him.

FYI “GIULIANI: I jumped up out of my chair and cheered for Newt when he said what he said about Palestine. Finally. Thank God. Someone is saying the right things about Palestine. Somebody has to question why are we creating a Palestinian state that’s going to be another terrorist state. Put Israel aside for a minute. Is it in the interest of the United States of America to create another state where they’re going to… Read more »