Captain Israel is back, and better than ever!

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Captain Israel, the hyper-masculine comic book creation published by ultra-right Israel advocacy organization StandWithUs is so over-the-top in its portrayal of all things Israel as perfect in every way, that it’s almost a self-parody.

But fiddling about in Photoshop and altering a few word bubbles gives the good captain the culture-jam treatment, flipping the script and turning his anti-Palestinian propaganda campaign into self-reflexive hasbara humor. (Click on the first image below to view it larger, and then click in the upper right hand corner to scroll to the next page.)

From Capt Israel #2 – The Venomous BDS:

Captain Israel after

The original:

Captain Israel before

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Annie Robbins

omg!!!!! i can’t stop laughing..

Bill in Maryland
Bill in Maryland

Excellent work- the sequel clearly outshines the original!

marc b.
marc b.

yetch. is there a forensic psychopathlogist in the house? or maybe someone with a degree in semiotics? how many oozing phalluses does Capt Israel have to stroke/battle before freud’s head explodes? and i love this line from the original: “the people behind BDS hope to undermine israel by first destroying… Read more »


I’m scratching my head over the original.

Who exactly is that marketed to? It’s more than a little unhinged.

If Israel has to resort to this, then the battle is clearly lost. It’s like a rat gnawing it’s own foot off. Jeez……….

marc b.
marc b.

mocking the holocaust? we’re mocking a trashy comic book which has distilled 1000s of years of european/ME jewish-gentile relations to 200 words or less, and which equates calls for a boycott of israeli cherry tomatoes and beauty products with the sadistic murder of millions. oh, has DB’s comment been disappeared?… Read more »